Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saatchi online Gallery and other oppurtunities

Saatchi Online Gallery
Saatchi Gallery in London, one of the world largest and most predominant galleries, now hosts a free online portfolio for artists. You can upload up to 8 images and even have a picture of you on there too. For mor information please click here.

Annual All Media Exhibition
Hosted by the Ann Arbor Art Center, the exhibit is an open call to the public. There are awards for best in show as well as runner ups. There is a non-refundable entry fee for members as well as non members. Click here for more information.

Great Resource for artists interested in shoing in Chicago!!!
The Chicago Gallery News is a great resource of galleries that are interested in everything. It breaks down the downtown chicago area into all of the gallery districts. It has all of the contact information for the galleries, much less links to go straight to the galleries websites. It's a hand litle site that is perfect for artists and art collectors.

and Utrecht said unto them...."Go. Go unto the world and make art. And thou shalt show thy work unto the world."
-brush accessories 23:10

Friday, July 28, 2006

Mold making and Casting Demonstration

Saturday, August 12th from Noon-2pm
Join us for this great FREE demonstration! Our professional artist will be showing basic techniques in plaster, plastic, resin, rubber and wax. She will also show how to make a mold of someones face and hands! So if you wanted to remember how cute your kids were when they were young, years from now, make a mold and cast of their face. Don't know how? Here's where you can learn.
This demo is not hands on, however if you would like to practice some techniques afterwards with our artist, you may want to bring in some studio clothes.

You can sign up for the Demonstration right here! Just click on the comments link below and enter your name and phone number into the comments box. You will be called two days ahead of time as a friendly reminder. There is no obligation.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stock Up Sale in full gear.

The Stock Up Sale is in full swing and people are getting some really good deals on art supplies. To the things you use anyway, we are giving great discounts. For instance:

99 Cent Items

Utrecht Artist Stretched Canvas 4"x6" and 5"x7".
Utrecht 1 Ply chip board-19520
Elmers 4oz School Glue-58205
Prisma Color Pencils OPEN STOCK
Prisma NU-Pastels OPEN STOCK
Sharpie Markers OPEN STOCK excludes chisel tip and magnums
Van Gogh Oil Pastels OPEN STOCK
Canson Ingres Paper OPEN STOCK

$1.99 Items

Utrecht Sumi Brushes sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.
Bienfang white Foam Core 20"x30"x3/16"
Sharpie Paint Markers OPEN STOCK

$2.99 Items

Bienfang white Foam Core 32"x40"x3/16"
Utrecht 9"x12" Tape Bound Sketch Book
Rives BFK Printmaking Paper 22"x30" 250gr
All 27"x39" Fabriano Tiziano Paper

All this is but a taste! So some on in and see how much there is on sale! These are the things you use all of the time, so why pay more for them? Use what you saved for dinner or something.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Oh, I know you all are excited for this.

We have recieved quite a few new items in for this year.

The first Item we have for your viewing pleasure is this snazzy back pack made by Artbin.
Modeled for us by Rachel, it has lots opf little storage areas for brushes, pens and pencils. It has a larger storeage area for sketch books and notebooks too.

This back pack comes with a carabeener clasp, as well as a pocket for your portable CD player, or ipod, and an ear piece holder.

Next we have new opaque Fabric Paints by Speedball.

Since screen printing is so popular, we have just recieved these beautiful pearlecent opaque screen inks for fabric. Use these on darker colored shirts instead of regular fabric inks.

So as you can see we are getting ready for the new school year, just as you must be too. So come on in, and if you already know what you are going to need we can help you find it.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Final Week for Custom Framing Sale

This is the final week for the custom framing sale, as it ends the lst day in July. This is also the last week to use the 15% off coupon we have for you all.

If you missed it there is a link to the Custom Framing Coupon on the right. So get it now, 'cause you only have a week to use it.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

August Demonstration - Mold Making and Casting!!!!

YES, we are having another demonstration! (as if you really had to ask.) This one will be Mold Making and Casting. This one will be a little more intensive with lots of samples of rubber molds and casts, resin, wax casts, plaster molds and casts. And we'll see if the Artist can make a mold of some ones face (great idea for you and your kids!). That would be cool to see! If you would like to get hands on, please wear old clothing or shirts you really don't care about.
Tutorials will be passed out so that if you forget anything you have a handy guide with you.

So mark your calenders kids Saturday, August 12th from Noon - 2pm.

Sign up for this demonstration is available here on this post or at the store. Please leave your name and phone number or email in the comments link below, and we will contact you two days a head of time to remind you of the demo.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New things going on at Utrecht Detroit

We have now a small display of how to silkscreen and how to use the fabric paints as well as Sharpie Markers on fabrics. All of these techniques were used with products you can find in our store.
Sounds like a good afternoon project with the kids, maybe you can even make something special for them for the first day of school. (which is coming up faster then you can imagine.)

And then there is the mass amounts of canvas we have. Some of these are regular priced, others are on sale for some really good deals. Such as the 4x6 and 5x7 Artist Series stretched canvases, only $.99!! That is a serious bargin people, I'd jump all over that oppurtunity. And if you don't know what you'd do with them here are a few suggestions....
-birthday presents, no one can resist a handmade birthday present especially if it a painting expressing you creativity and love for the recipient.
-a tiled wall of paintings, or maybe just part of a wall.
-have high ceilings? why not draw someones attention up to the wall with paintings just underneith your crown moulding.
-need something to sell at a craft or art fair, make some quick paintings or sketches. I guarentee they will fly off the shelves.
-get started early on Christmas gift. I know it's July that's why I said EARLY! Hey, people will love the sentiment and the fact that you painted it.
-want to keep a file of color mixing tiles? Use these canvases, and you can also see how well they will cover too.

As you can see there are a lot of things you could do with these $.99 canvases, so why not pick some out today. And hey, since they are so inexpensive and of very good quality you might as well stock up!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

For those of you who missed it.

If you were here for the Colored Pencil Demonstration, I hope you learned a few things todaay, and that you enjoyed it. Laura Little speaks with so much passion, it's almost difficult not be passionate yourself.

For those who did miss it, shame on you, and here are some photo's of what you passed up.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Employee Gallery Shows!!

Allison Pasarew will be part of a group show at Synergy Fine Art Gallery in Berkley, MI. Auto-Motivation will open Friday, July 28th at 6:00pm. The reception will run until 10:30pm.
There will also be a Dream Cruiser's reception Friday, August 18th from 5pm-10pm. Gallery hours are Tues.-Fri. 11-5pm, and Sat.11-4pm.

Nick Jones and John Cynar will be featured at Next Step Studios and Gallery in Ferndale, MI. A Summer Happening will have it's opening reception Satuday, July 29th from 6:00pm until Midnight. Regular gallery hours are Friday and Saturday Noon-5:00pm and by appointment.

Come out and support your Utrecht Detroit friends and fellow local artists.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Call for Artists and other info.

Utrecht Art Supply in Detroit is holding an open call for artists to be featured as Artist of the Month.

So...for anyone interested please send no more than 3 jpegs to, along with contact information and a brief bio. Chosen artists will be contacted, and delivery of the work is up to the artist. Art work chosen will be shown at our store in our brand spankin' new Artist of the Month area (located to the left as soon as you walk through the front doors), as well as on this blog.

Other great Stuff

Aside from Utrecht Detroit's call for artists, we have a bulletin board for artist oppurtunities. Located at the rear of the store as you walk in, there are packet with all pertinent information for these calls. Please come in an peruse through them, they are free for the taking and get replenished quite often. (I look for later deadlines to give you guys time to work.)

Colored Pencil Demonstration

I know I have been plugging this for just about a month now, but it's a great oppurtunity. And as a gentle reminder it is Saturday July 15th (this weekend!!) from 12pm until 2pm. We have a great artist lined up for this, and already we have about 10 people signed up for the demonstration, so it's going to be pretty exciting.

Not completely unrelated Art info

For those of you who do not know of this site, Craigslist is a fantastic online community for just about everything (and I do mean everything so be careful). They also have an arts forum is a great way to learn things from other artists. They are very helpful with techniques of any kind. There are also calenders for events, an arts community posting site, as well artist career oriented oppurtunities and creative gigs. So check it out.

New links page!!

There is a new links page to some of our favorite downtown/midtown Detroit supporting sites. Check it out!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Up dated info and other good stuff.....

The Paint A Tote competition deadline has been extended from July 14th to July 31st.
So come on in and get your Tote to Paint!!!

Some more reorganizing changes have been made. You can come in and see our whole new paper room.

And..if yo haven't seen it before, maybe now it's time, The Art Spot. An elaborate display of the creativity and craftmanship of our professional inhouse custom framer.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Local Artist of the Month!! Michael Cooper

Artist of the Month Michael Cooper a.k.a. Ibra Heem

See his work displayed at Utrecht Art Supply in Detroit.

John Lennon
Graphite on Paper

Door to the Underground Railroad
Oil on Panel
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